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About Me.

My name is Elle Luo. I'm a mixed methods researcher in HCI and Human Factors Engineering. I work with cross-functional teams to understand product usability and user experience and provide design directions of the next generation products. My areas of expertise are doing user research, collecting human behavioral data through sensors and testing prototypes, data analysis, and physical prototyping.



01/2022 - Present

Usability Specialist
Amazon Lab126

Conducted user research and benchmarking studies to assess critical elements in defining design and specification of products. Contributed towards the vision of critical functions through research of a variety of products, including wearables, consumer robots, e-readers and more.

09/2021 - 11/2021

Human Factors / UX Researcher
Google (via Pro Unlimited)

Led a product research for teams communication and delivered reports to contribute towards positive user experience and product outcomes of Google’s wearables, Pixel Watch.


2019 - 2021

Human Factors & Ergonomics

Minor in Computer Science
Cornell University

Research activities in wearables and neurotechnology. Courses in empirical research, statistics, research methods, rapid prototyping & physical computing, ubiquitous computing, design thinking & applied Ergonomics.

2016 - 2018

Interaction Design
UC Davis

Courses in interaction design, wearable technology, python programming, web development, 3D modeling & human-centered design.

My Vision

I believe creativity is a form of expression that has profoundly influenced society due to an appreciation of beauty and human nature. Without the expression of creativity, there would not have been people with novelty and ingenious ideas bringing the greatest innovations into existence. Therefore, the values of creativity are tremendous, and also intrinsic for our enlightenment; without its practice, there is a very limited sense of creativity and little innovation can be achieved due to an un-amplified imagination.

Technology benefits from creativity with human intelligence and scientific processes that contribute to the application of that creativity towards real world benefits. Today, we live in a digital world where creativity and technology have become intertwined and exist as a part of each other; they act as the inseparable realms and are interconnected. As our aspirations towards advancement proceed, a hybrid talents of creativity and engineering, and, importantly, a diverse skillset from cross disciplines, become the essential components for advanced, cutting-edge innovation and future evolution.

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