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An Eyelid Interface for Detecting Eye Blinking


Elle Luo, Rachel Fu, Alicia Chu, Katia Vega, Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao
ACM International Systems on Wearable Computers 






Eslucent is an on-skin wearable capacitive sensing device that affords blink detection, building on the form factor of eyelid stickers. It detects blinks during intentional blinking and four involuntary activities by a falling edge detection algorithm in a user study of 14 participants. By embedding interactive technology into a daily beauty product, Eslucent explores a novel wearable form factor for blink detection.

See the full paper here.


Eslucent is an eyelid sticker inspired interface for detecting eye blinking.


Eslucent is an eyelid on-skin interface for tracking eye-blinking. (a) The on-skin interface consists of 6 layers. Each layer is shown individually, layered on top of each other. The color of Esculent can be customized, for example, with (b) silver and (c) black eyeliner. 


(a) On-skin interface (b) Hardware stack (c) A sample of raw data from Eslucent for blink detection. The red plus sign indicates when the algorithm detected blinks. (d) Esculent application on crease: capacitive sensor values decreases when eye is closed, and increases when eye is opened.

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