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Medical Device

Role                 Usability Specialist

Company        Amazon Lab126

Timeframe      January 2022 - December 2022

Team             Human Factors Design Research Team

Skills                Human Factors, Contextual Analysis, Medical Device

Introduction &

The goal of this study was to understand the customer experience and user flow of the medical device.

This process involves 3 major steps:

  1. Registration

  2. Collection sample

  3. Input the sample into the device

My Tasks

  1. Planned a user study and collected data 

  2. Coordinated with others teams to align study plans and timeline

  3. Recruited participants

  4. Conducted in-person user studies

  5. Delivered a report with findings and recommendations for improvements



  • Understand the logistics and errors in the user flow of registration

  • Identify potential risk and avoid contamination during the process of collecting sample

  • Assess risk or confusion while users going through the steps of dropping sample into the device


We recruited participants and targeted to recruit a sample with the following demographics:

  • Equal split of males and females

  • Equal split of technical and non-technical

  • A diverse sample demographics to simulates the general US population and avoid bias.


​The methods we used include:

  • Usability Testing

  • Cognitive Walkthrough (Thinking-out-loud)

  • In-Person User Interview

Results & Findings

  1. Confusion with the steps

  2. ​​Instructions were not clear enough

  3. User flow is out of order


  1. Improve instructions

  2. Change the layout of the device

  3. Simplify the process to avoid confusion

Actions Taken & Impact

After conducting the research, we presented the findings and delivered a report to the stakeholder, and they adapted the recommendations as moving forward.

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